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Band:Black Sabbath
Date:Apr 27, 2013
City:Sydney, Australia
Venue:Allphones Arena
Type:audience shot
Length:117 min
Generation:off master
Filmed by:Pinkfloydie
Video Quality:8/10
Audio Quality:7/10
Show ID:#656
Date Added:Jun 15, 2013
Times Updated:1
Last Updated:Oct 07, 2013
Last Viewed:Jul 16, 2018
Visitor Views:355
Member Views:18
Requested:0 times
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01)War Pigs
02)Into the Void
03)Under the Sun
05)Electric Funeral
06)Black Sabbath
07)Behind the Wall of Sleep
09)End of the Beginning
10)Fairies Wear Boots
11)Symptom of the Universe
12)Drum Solo
13)Iron Man
14)God is Dead
15)Dirty Women
16)Children of the Grave
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