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HeavyJams Site FAQ
These are some questions that you may want to ask...
(Don't laugh, I know most of you know these things, but these are for those who are new to trading)

Where do these DVDs come from?

All our shows are non-commercial releases filmed or taped by fans around the world. None of the shows you will find here have been officially released by the bands or their labels.

What is the difference between AUD and PRO DVDs?

A DVD title with AUD in the listing is a show filmed from the audience. A DVD title with PRO in the listing is a show that is professionally filmed, usually with multiple cameras. These pro-shot DVDs can come from TV broadcasts or from a feed that was never shown to the public.

What is a multi-cam-mix or 2-cam-mix?

A multi-cam-mix is not pro-shot. These are audience filmed shows that were filmed by 2 or more people, and someone has clipped the best parts and shots from each recording into a single DVD. Then the best audio is used (or audio from yet another recording) and synced so that you get to view a show from different angles, as professional editors do to create commercial DVDs. A pro-shot is not labelled as multi-cam, since these are professionally filmed with many cameras and edited already for TV or some sort of broadcast.

How are the quality of these DVDs?

All shows are of the best quality available. Older shows may likely have been transferred from original VHS tape. Newer shows will be digital transfers directly from a digital cam, from HDTV, or another quality source. Most of these digital transfers can be considered of master quality since there is no loss in quality when a DVD is copied. This is different than in past years where generation (and loss of quality) was an issue in copying from VHS tape. We do not trade in DVDrips such as avi, mp4, or any sort of Youtube or webcast sources that are of compressed quality. Please do not offer these lossy formats or try to trade these to anyone. Whenever there is an upgrade to a show, there will be an notation in the comments section about this.

How do I get my hands on some of these shows?

This is where trading comes in. If you have some non-commercial shows that you have collected, simply email us your list of shows and let us know what you were interested in. Trading is pretty easy. (See the Rules section here on the site too) If you are just starting out in trading, let us know and there may be something we can work out.